Technology Workstations

G. Morgan & Sons - Creators of the Technology Workstation

Innovative & Versatile Design

The Technology Workstations facilitate a modern approach to technology and teaching. The multi-functional desk is designed for practical technology classes with the flexibility of space for theory lessons.

The choice of either a three-way or four-way desk design enables students to work in a group environment, whilst still benefitting from their own individual work space.

The four-way desk has added space-saving benefits, perfect for smaller classroom environments, as it reduces the number of desks required for 24 students from eight to six.


Exceptional Quality from the Workstation Creators

G. Morgan & Sons were selected by the Department of Education, to develop, design and prototype the Technology Workstations.

Since then, we have manufactured and installed these desks in schools throughout Ireland. This involvement and experience best positions G. Morgan & Sons to apply the expertise and knowledge required in making these unique and innovative desks.

G. Morgan & Sons ensure these desks are fully in line with the Department of Education’s specification. Our desks are 100% Irish-made, using only the highest quality, durable materials, delivering on both aesthetics and practicality.

Installation of the desks is carried out by our professional team to meet your requirements.

As with all of our furniture, we guarantee the quality of the Workstations with a 25-Year Warranty.


Desk Features

  • Swiss Krono durable CDF composite dual-colour top
  • Irwin Record Vices – 175mm Heavy Duty Vice & 75mm Mechanics Vice with tray
  • Ganter Griff German levelling stainless steel feet
  • MK Electric components
  • Desk power supply of 110 volt & 220 volt
  • 3, 6 & 9 low voltage DC supply for metre work
  • Power supply sockets with USB ports for charging devices
  • Tool caddy with whiteboard for desktop tool storage
  • Size: Three-way desk 1765 mm diameter, four-way desk 2050 mm diameter, height adjustable from 850 mm to 925 mm

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